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Äpre Instruments Overview
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Äpre Instruments does:

S-Series of diffraction-limited Laser Fizeau Interferometers
Diffraction Limited 2K X 2K Performance. In just 6 seconds measure 4.2 megapixels of diffraction limited phase data and produce a customizable report. Quickly converge to final figure with λ/20 accuracy even up to 6.5 fringes/mm, 5X more than you would expect.
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Interference fringes from multiple surfaces make it hard to measure optics with parallel surfaces as well as prisms. Äpre has introduced a new light source with a comb-like spectrum, which allows the interferometer to select single optical surfaces. Download the powerpoint presentation here.

Interferometer Upgrades
Upgrade any interferometer to 1Kx1K & Vibration Tolerant PSI, from $25,000.
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REVEAL™ Software
Äpre's 64-bit interferometer acquisition/analysis software sets new standards. It runs under Windows 7 or 10. Watch the REVEAL Videos
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OEM Software
Äpre designs your custom OEM software in less than six months without the major expense, risk and time of creating software from scratch.
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Custom Systems
A commercial interferometer does not solve your measurement problem? Äpre rapidly develops custom metrology systems, so you do not have the risk and expense of creating an in-house expert team.
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